Evie conversions-Converting cars to electric

Evie conversions-Converting cars to electric written by: ondieki

Electric motors turn because of the magnetic forces that are exerted between stationary electromagnets known as stators and electromagnets called rotors. Different electric motors are differentiated by the way their electric currents are supplied to moving rotors. Electric motors are currently the most preferred choices for automotive applications because of their rugged construction and absence of brushes

Why is it necessary to turn our cars electric?

  1. The environment

Truck and car exhausts are amongst the biggest contributors of air pollution; it is a well known fact that car companies have always been told to clean up their act with speed. Simple emission controls are only stop-gap solutions and not the answer. Looking for new ways of fueling our cars is a long-term solution. Looking for renewable energy to power your vehicles is a not only a tangible solution but a workable one as well

Electric vehicles are capable of producing very minimal emissions and this is always an excellent solution. You can make a choice of using AC conventional power that originates from your own which on most occasions is produced by renewable energy sources. You can also do this by setting up the energy system of the vehicle to run completely from the wind and the sun

  1. Practical simplicity

There are basically more whistles and bells that are run by computers as compared to what an average person could figure out in a calendar year. Electric motors only have a single part that moves; it’s a simple gadget that is capable of running for thousands of miles with ease. This gives the driver an easy time as the car engine runs smoothly and he doesn’t have to check it every now and then. The drive also doesn’t have to fix anything the breaks on the vehicle.

Converting cars to electric

Other advantages associated with this system include;

– No gasoline leaks

– The owner also has does not need to use the exhaust system

– No oil changes

– No engine breakdowns

Evie conversion store

At Evie, they are aware of the issues; they are always ready to assist the people who have realized that the time to make a change is nigh. Here are two of their available options;

(a) Conversion kits that are fully customized for particular car models-These kits are provided by AC induction motors that are suitable for the type of performance that the client finds favorable. The electronic unit has all the required wiring safety circuits as well as the controlling unit

(b) Just in case you don’t have time or you don’t want to get yourself dirty, the mechanics and engineers that are found here can commence working on your car. What you need to do is to leave your car together with your contacts; they will always call you to collect your electric vehicle when they are through with the assignment